The Lost Shrine of High King Mandurma
Help Guide

This tool generates a dungeon map for use in your games. To generate a new dungeon click Generate Random at the top.

Once your dungeon has loaded, a link to return to this dungeon will be show at the top (#83622). Just bookmark that link to always return to your map.

There are some options in the settings menu. The drop down list allows you to specify the map size. Please note this isn't an exact room count, merely a number of steps the generator takes. Small number = small map, big number = bigger map.

You can also hide the dungeon title, the colours, and this help box using the tick boxes. Changing any of the settings will update your dungeon link, so be sure to bookmark after you're happy with the settings.

The generator is seeded, so whilst it's random it's reproduceable. This means the seed number will generate the same dungeon for everyone. Likewise the same name will always be linked with the same seed.

If you find any issues please let me know, through my site (please let me know the broken seed), and please be aware this is an in-development project. I will always endeavour not to break old dungeon layouts though, so old seeds should work the same.

Enjoy, Si